Power Automate Flow Widgets Integration


Sample showing how to integrate Power Automate into a web app. Users can create new flows from a template, approve, invoke certain type of flows

Here is the sample in action: Flow Widge in SPO Classic Site

Note that depending on the user community interest I will further expand on this blog post by explaining in detail on how to add to SPO site.


  • Node
  • Register AAD application with Implicit grant enabled.

Configure and run the sample Applicaton

  • Open index.html under FlowWidgetSPA
  • Modify ‘clientID’ property in applicaionConfig object to point to AAD application registered.
  • Sample app is configured to user Flow scopes Flows.Read.All and Flow.Manage.All additional scopes can be added by updating flowScopes property in applicationConfig object.
  • Open command prompt and go to folder FlowWidgetSampleApp
  • Run “npm install” to install the dependencies.
  • Run “node server.js” to start the application.
  • Open browser and type http://localhost:30662
  • Select “Sign In” button to authenticate to AAD and acquire flow access token.
  • You will notice that access token text box is populated with the access token.
  • Select Load Flows widget or Load Templates widget to embed the widget.
  • You can experiment with various widget settings by modifying the javascript methods loadFlowsWidget() and loadTemplatesWidget().

Hope that helps!

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