SharePoint & Windows Workflow Foundation - (Sequential, State Machine Workflows, InfoPath Forms)

Below are the plethora of links to learn Workflows and its integration with SharePoint using InfoPath forms and or ASPX pages. You will find here some nice resources for State Machine Workflows in particular.

If you are new to workflow development then as a 1st step towards it, learn sequential workflows. Either read my former blog post or go for this step by step sequential workflow example. - this is a quick 9 min video: I recommend this to be your 1st step towards learning state machine workflows. For a detailed video of the same example check out the MS webcast by Pravin Indurkar. The Order Processing Application code is available for download in the below Microsoft Workflow Samples link. - Windows Workflow Foundation Samples - 7 part series - links/recommended books - More links … - Blog

The below 4-part series is a good and The Best example or sample available related to Workflows and SharePoint:

Windows Workflow Foundation - Excellent Use Case:

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